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Jonny Rock and Sounds Fun Entertainment
Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, and West Virginia DJ Services

Here's a brief selection of reception photos from weddings that I worked with Sounds Fun Entertainment.
Don't miss out on great and memorable pro reception photos with only 4-6 hours of coverage.
When the Party is Over...The Photos will be ALL that's left.

NEC_0078.jpg DSC_9704.jpg DSC_9701.jpg
DSC_9672.jpg DSC_9602.jpg DSC_9490.jpg
DSC_9402.jpg DSC_9163.jpg DSC_8454.jpg
DSC_8427.jpg DSC_7970.jpg DSC_7642.jpg
DSC_7641.jpg DSC_6346.jpg DSC_5927.jpg
DSC_3603.jpg DSC_2532.jpg DSC_2468.jpg
DSC_2073.jpg DSC_1672.jpg DSC_1542.jpg
DSC_1512.jpg DSC_1452.jpg DSC_1427.jpg
DSC_0360.jpg DSC_0341.jpg DSC_03402.jpg
DSC_0340.jpg DSC_0138.jpg DSC_0122.jpg
We love working with Jonny and his entire crew of ultra-professional DJ's. For years we have worked side by side at weddngs all over the tri-sate region. If you are looking for a smoothly run wedding from start to finish no one beats Jonny Rock and Sounds Fun Entertainment !

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