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Christmas Gift Idea
made by local Appalachian Craftspeople.
Cherry or Hard Maple Wood.
USA Handcrafted Wood Kitchen Utensils
Support local artisans this holiday!

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18 inch Matilda's Back Scratcher
A very nice wood back scratcher that can reach those hard to reach itches. The gift that keeps on scratching.

Wooden Back Scratcher



Wooden Wedding Cake - Pie Serving Set
A fine art quality wood cake serving set. A great and green wedding gift utensil that you'll have fun giving or using for everyday or a friends big day. The perfect utensil for gourmet cake and pie shops and rustic dining ambience. Each item is 10 inches.


right and kleft handed spoon

12 Inch Classic Right or Left Work Spoon
The classic wood work spoon in right or left for easy pot scraping and stirring. Stirring, serving, and tasting will be a joy with this classic right or left handed work spoon. Heavy shaft for strength and generations of use.


Select Right or Left Spoon

Giant Spatula

12 inch Giant Shovel Spatula
The superlative wooden spatula and giant cooking shovel. This is a wooden kitchen tool you will find hard to live without. You'll find yourself loving the soft feel and delicate way it treats your fine cookware and teflon griddles and cookie sheets.


wooden bowl scraper

Wood Mixing Bowl Scraper
Scrape out all the goodness from your mixing bowls with ease. For mixing tasks and baking this can't be beat. Graceful curves work and feel great. Feels great in the hand and works even better. A simple, elegant and excellent must have cooking utensil. Protects your stainless, ceramic and copper bowls.


long 20 inch heavy duty wood spoon

20 Inch Classic Work Spoon
The classic extra long handled wood work spoon will find a nice home in your kitchen. Big pot stirring and mixing jobs, no problem for this workshorse. Stirring, serving, and tasting will be a joy in large pots with this classic work spoon. Heavy shaft for strength and generations of use.


Deep Wooden Serving Spoon

12 inch Deep Spoon
An extremely useful serving spoon for any occassion. Deep spoon and gracefully curved handle is a joy to use and you'll be reaching for this on an almost daily basis.


Deep Wooden Sertving Spoon with Spout

12 inch Deep Spoon with Spout
An very useful spouted serving spoon for any occassion. Deep spoon, functional spout, and gracefully curved handle is a joy to use and you'll be reaching for this on an almost daily basis. Will become a family heirloom past down from generation to generation.


Wooden Big Mouth Straining Spoon

10 Inch Classic Big Mouth
Straining / Serving Spoon

A powerful big mouth spoon for working and serving. Strains the green beans and poached eggs and more!! A true kitchen work-a-holic.

wooden_straining spoon

12 Inch No-Drip Skimmer Spoon
One of the most useful and popular spoons we sell. This no-drip skimmer spoon features a hook to hang on the edge of your pot.


Coffee Lover Gift

The Classic 4 inch Small Coffee Spoon
This small coffee spoon will become a dear friend during your morning coffee ritual. The perfect gift for coffee lovers! 4 inches long.


Lonmg handl;ed Wooden Measurting Spoons as seen on Southern at Heart, The Food Network

Long Handled Wood Measuring Spoon Set
Timeless- hardwood 9 inch long handled wood measuirng spoon set. You'll never need or want another measuring spoon. ¼ Tsp, ½ Tsp, 1 Tsp, 1 Tablespoon. Ideal for measuring from canisters, jars, and flour bags. Tied with lanyard. These are very popular with cooks looking for non reactive and inert measuring spoons. They will last for generations and be a kitchen heirloom to pass down.

Wooden Dough Scraper

Hardwood Dough Scraper 5 inches
Scrape off all the goodness with ease. For counter-top mixing and baking tasks this can't be beat. Feels great in the hand and works even better. A simple, excellent and must have cooking tool.


Wooden Jar and Mayo Scraper

Tall Jar and Mayo Jar Scraper
This is a very handy tool that you will reach for hundreds of times every year.


The Duo Measuring Spoon
The perfect gift for cooks and chefs. An elegant masterpiece of kitchen utensil measuring utility and fun. An amazing feel and very useful. You'll find your self reaching for this tool on a daily basis! 1tsp and 1 tbsp. NOT EASY TO MAKE BUT VERY EASY TO USE:)


The Details on care and feeding of your utensils: These are sanded to a satin smooth for a beautiful feel and appearance. These wooden kitchen utensils are treated with 100% Organic Linseed Oil from the Linden Tree. This is a very non-toxic and hypo allergenic oil. After use you can wash them any way you want. We just toss them in the dishwasher and have spoons that have lasted for 25 years. But hand washing is best. Overtime you might want to lightly sand with fine sand paper and re-treat with Linseed oil or Flaxseed Oil. It is quite normal for them to darken with age and use.


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I am so pleased with the wedding server set- the craftsmanship is of the highest order. These are the best-I will be back! your fan Cecilia G. Somerville, MA

Hello, My name is Kay, I ordered some of your products awhile back, and I love them... My sister loves them too.. We really appreciate the fine work. Best Regards, Kay, LA.

Hi Crede,  Received my order today. Love everything.

S. Burkland

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USA Made finely crafted 'art' wooden spoons and handy kitchen utenils
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