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Indoor in your vacation home, or outdoors at several available locations.
Swallow Falls State Park, or your home's property. Approx. time on site is 90 minutes.

Standard Package is $275.00 for High Resolution Digital Photography
(approx. 8-10+ megapixel images)
These digital files can be enlarged to 16x20 with no problems.

RESERVATIONS with deposit is required,
our schedule is such that we can only accept a limited number of family photo shoots per year.

A small selection
of 2006
Family Photo Sessions


June 23, 2005

Our studio will photograph the following for you:

  • Large group photography.
  • Break out into smaller family groups.
  • Couples, children, singles and/or groupings of your choice (as time allows).
  • Our photographer stays on location for up to 90 minutes. Please have your group ready. Add'l 30 minute time periods add'l $50. We understand the difficulties in organizing large family groups, and we are not too touchy on time issues until the two hour mark gets reached.

Package Details

A CD of all the full resolution images (approx 30-50 photos)
CD's are produced with a custom Etched CD face label that has the family name, date, and a photo of the family. Includes jewel case. Master cd can be duplicated and has no watermarks, copyrights or protections.

Additional Etched CD's are $15.00 each. May be ordered at the time of the sitting. One is included in the sitting fee.

•Included on the CD are email sized images

•Included on the CD are images at full resolution

Note: If you can read a DVD let us know. Our new photo equipment is producing file sizes sometimes exceeding CD storage capacity so sometimes DVD's are required for big groups with lots of photos or add'l cd charges for multiple cd's may b required when over 700 megabytes per sitting.

•These images can be taken to any photo lab. We recommend you patronize a good local professional photography lab that will take the time to deliver the nicest prints as opposed to big box labs. The lab that produces the prints and photo products that you can buy online is SUPERB!

Your family photos will all be posted online for viewing and the secure purchase of prints and other neat photo products (such as greeting cards, calendars, photo books etc) No obligation, this is just an extra FREE service to make viewing and ordering prints easier for you. You still get the CD's of course.

  • All images have any 'red eye' retouched out.

Terms For Scheduling
Book now if interested.
Scheduling a photography session requires a $100 deposit.
Balance due upon the photographer's arrival on-site.
CD's ship in 3-5 weeks from date of photo shoot.

1-800-446-7554 for information and booking arrangements.

- Common Questions -
What's the best time to schedule? Just about anytime except mid day. Some locations of course have different lighting at different times, however we are experts at working with the location and will do our best.
Where do you take the pictures? At your vacation home or location, we come to you. Or, you can arrange for a sitting at one of the parks such as Swallow Falls State Park.
How about clothes? Browse the samples in our galleries, and get an idea. It's up to you.
How large a group? Any size. It's more a time issue. Large groups may take more time in the Break Out Phase of the sitting and hence incur additional charges.
What's the delivery? 4-5 weeks for final cd's. All photos are posted online (and available for online ordering) in approx. 10 days.
"We have shared the pictures with family all over the country..what a joy they are and so wonderful of all of us..especially Tyler, out of whom you finally coaxed a wry smile..that's a great one!!  Thanks so much for sharing your talent with is a wonderful memory of a great visit to Deep Creek."  Jud & Nancy Bireley, August 2006

The photos in this gallery are optimized for the web and are no where near
as sharp as the full resolution original images.
Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image.

More Samples from a Family Gathering November 20th, 2004

DSCN00011.jpg DSCN0002.jpg DSCN0004.jpg DSCN0008.jpg
DSCN00081.jpg DSCN0009.jpg DSCN0010.jpg DSCN0011.jpg
DSCN00111.jpg DSCN0013.jpg DSCN0014.jpg DSCN0015.jpg
DSCN0016.jpg DSCN0017.jpg DSCN0019.jpg DSCN0020.jpg
DSCN0021.jpg DSCN0026.jpg DSCN0029.jpg DSCN0031.jpg
DSCN0032.jpg DSCN0035.jpg DSCN0036.jpg DSCN0038.jpg
DSCN0039.jpg DSCN0040.jpg DSCN0041.jpg DSCN0042.jpg
DSCN0043.jpg DSCN0048.jpg DSCN8522-copy.jpg DSCN8529-copy.jpg
DSCN8536-copy.jpg DSCN8545-copy.jpg DSCN8547-copy.jpg DSCN8551-copy.jpg
DSCN8556-copy.jpg DSCN8557-copy.jpg DSCN8559-copy.jpg DSCN8563-copy.jpg
DSCN8564-copy.jpg DSCN8566-copy.jpg DSCN8581-copy.jpg DSCN8582-copy.jpg
DSCN8584-copy.jpg DSCN8585-copy.jpg DSCN8587-copy.jpg DSCN8590-copy.jpg
DSCN8596-copy.jpg DSCN8598-copy.jpg DSCN9983.jpg DSCN9985.jpg
DSCN99851.jpg DSCN9987.jpg DSCN9987(2).jpg DSCN9988.jpg
DSCN9989.jpg DSCN9992.jpg DSCN99921.jpg DSCN9993.jpg
DSCN9994.jpg DSCN9996.jpg DSCN9997.jpg DSCN9998.jpg
DSCN99981.jpg fam1.jpg film_group.jpg Thank you for visiting this page. Vision Quest Studios looks forward to capturing your vacation memories!




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